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12 transactions per month (including 2 at the counter)2, 3

No fees for statements by mail

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30 digital transactions per month2

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Unlimited transactions, digital or at the counter2, 3

Up to $150 in discounts on a MastercardTM credit cardMD, 8

Free use of Interac® and Cirrus® networks

Integrated line of credit5

Overdraft protection

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Not yet 18 but already thinking about the future.

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Take advantage of personalized banking packages and offers.

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Legal disclaimers

TM THE MINIMALIST, THE MODEST, THE CONNECTED and THE TOTAL are trademarks of National Bank of Canada.

® Interac e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

1. For more details, consult the Fee Guide.

2. Transactions carried out at our ABMs, a participating merchant, through our online banking services (including our call centre) or those related to certain operations in your account.

3. Transactions carried out at our branches during normal business hours.

4. The transfer must be sent to a bank account held at a participating Canadian financial institution. Refer to the Guide to Personal Banking Solutions for more information.

5. Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Credit charges are not waived with this package. For more information on the Integrated Line of Credit, click here.

6. Minimum 12-month rental in Canada. Certain conditions apply.

7. Applicable conditions:

  • Discounts are applied upon presentation of supporting documents.
  • The Minimalist package is offered with no flat monthly fee for Young people aged 0 to 17; no flat monthly fee for clients aged 18 to 24; no flat monthly fee for Seniors aged 65 and over upon presentation of eligibility for the Guaranteed Income Supplement; no flat monthly fee for beneficiaries (aged 18 and over) of a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) upon presentation of proof of eligibility for an RDSP.

8. The cashback on the annual fees for a Mastercard credit card can only be applied one time, at enrollment.

Practical details

Guide to transferring your account to National Bank

Have you just opened an account with us and you must transfer all your preauthorized transactions? Here is a guide to help you keep track of everything.


The passbook option has not been available to new clients since May 4, 2015. If you are an existing client who uses a passbook with your account, a $2.50 monthly fee is charged.


For the fees associated with our products and services, consult the Fee Guide [PDF].

Contract governing personal deposit and investment accounts

For more information on the terms and conditions governing your new account, consult the Contract governing personal deposit and investment accounts document [PDF].

Basic banking services

For the terms and conditions governing whether a person may open an account or cash cheques and other items from the federal government, consult our guide to Basic Banking Services [PDF].

Access to funds policy

For details of our cheque hold policy, see the Access to Funds Policy [PDF].

Coercive tied selling

To understand what coercive tied selling is and what is not allowed, consult our pamphlet What you need to know about coercive tied selling [PDF].

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation

Please refer to our page about Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC)

FCAC account selector tool

Discover the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)’s account selector tool to compare bank accounts.

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