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Securizone gives you the tools and support you need to better protect your identity

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Have you ever been a victim of fraud?

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The number of financial fraud attempts in Canada continues to increase every year.

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Major online purchases are becoming increasingly popular, such as household appliances or travel expenses.

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Identity theft is one of the most common scams used to commit fraud.

Securizone ® and Securizone 360™: for enhanced security

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Preventing the risk of identity theft and fraud 

What Securizone and Securizone 360 offer

In partnership with ID Assist®

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Online identity monitoring and alert service

  • Unlimited access to the ID Assist platform 
  • Online identity monitoring on illegal and black market websites
  • Review of illegal and black market website history to detect suspicious activity over the past 10 years
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Credit bureau monitoring and alert service 

  • Exclusive to Securizone 360: monitoring of the two Canadian credit bureaus
  • Exclusive to Securizone 360: access to monthly credit scores
  • Exclusive to Securizone 360: access to quarterly credit reports
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Identity restoration service 

  • Identity restoration by limited proxy
  • One hour of psychological support by phone after an identity theft incident
  • Legal assistance to obtain lawful information on identity theft and fraud

†Online identity monitoring on illegal and black market sites includes: 10 credit and debit card numbers, 10 bank account numbers, 5 emails, 5 phone numbers, 1 social insurance number, 2 passport numbers, 1 driver's licence number, 10 loyalty card numbers, 1 permanent resident card number, and 5 extended health insurance numbers.

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Credit bureau monitoring is available exclusively with Securizone 360.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Get in touch with our team of identity recovery experts. We'll accompany you and, with your consent, take charge of some of the actions required to restore your identity.

Learn how to better protect yourself

Find out how to protect yourself against identity theft and fraud by reading our articles on security.

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Enjoy the benefits of Securizone

Take advantage of tools and support to help you prevent identity theft and fraud.

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Little details that matter

Subscription to an individual Securizone® plan: 

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Must be a Canadian resident 

Subscription to a family Securizone® plan: 

  • Partner: must meet the same criteria as the individual subscriber, in addition to living at the same address as the plan member
  • Child: dependent child, 23 years old or younger, must reside in Canada at the same address as the plan member