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With a line of credit, you can access the funds at any time and enjoy a lower interest rate than most credit cards. It's great for when you need money fast—to make a payment on time or deal with an emergency.

Perfect if you are looking to:

  • Cover unexpected costs, like home repairs
  • Access credit easily (with your debit card, at the ATM, online, etc.)
  • Reuse the credit you've already repaid when you need it
  • Repay borrowed amounts at your own pace1
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Finance your home improvements

Young couple doing home renovations

You can use a line of credit to pay for your home renovations. This product gives you greater flexibility, so it's perfect if your renovations will be done over time and you don't need all the money at once.  Each month, you only need to pay the interest on your outstanding balance. There are no time limitations and you can reuse your credit after paying it off.  If you're planning to renovate your new home, speak to an advisor. We can offer you a financing solution to meet all your needs. Simply provide us with your offer to purchase along with an estimate of your renovation costs.

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Two different lines of credit

Personal Flex Line

Personal Flex Line®

Enjoy a competitive variable rate based on your credit history. Talk to one of our advisors at the branch for details.

Perfect if you're looking to:

  • Borrow $5,000 or more2
  • Use the money for a one-time expense
Virtuoso Line of Credit

Integrated Line of Credit

You'll enjoy an attractive variable rate (prime rate3 + 7%) and pay no management fees4. This line of credit is only available if you sign up for the The TotalTM chequing account.5

Perfect if you're looking to:

  • Borrow between $500 and $5,0002
  • Protect against overdrafts and cash shortfalls

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Don't leave your debt to your loved ones in case of death, disability or critical illness. Make sure you're protected with loan insurance.

Little details that matter

Prime rate (P) = ${p1.tauxBase|percent:"true"}, as at January 26, 2023

Integrated Line of Credit

Rate: P + ${p1.ecart|percent:"true"}${p1.taux|percent:"true"}

Examples of credit charges calculated for a period of thirty (30) days based on the rate in effect on January 26, 2023 :

Regular interest rate (no annual fees)

If the average balance is:

Credit charges:


$500 - $3,000

$5.63 - $33.78

Personal Flex Linet


For information on rates, meet with an advisor at the branch.

Rates are adjusted based on your credit history and authorized credit limit.

TM THE TOTAL is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

® Personal Flex Line is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

® Interac e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

® CIRRUS is a registered trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEMS Inc.

1. Once an amount is withdrawn from the account, interest is charged immediately and must be repaid within 21 days. A statement is issued every 30 days. As long as the line of credit is in effect, the borrower must draw the balance of the line of credit down by at least 10%, at least twice a year, at intervals of six months each.

2. Subject to credit approval by National Bank of Canada. Upon receipt of each statement, the borrower must pay a minimum instalment to the Bank that corresponds to the sum of the interest charged to the account for the period covered by the statement, by depositing the amount of such interest in the account. This minimum instalment must be made without using the line of credit.

3. "Prime" means the annual variable interest rate posted by National Bank from time to time, used by the Bank to determine the interest rates on the demand loans it grants in Canadian dollars in Canada.

4. Monthly Bank account statement. No management fees. The Integrated Line of Credit rate is established by the prime rate + 7.00%, which corresponds to a rate of 12.25% as of ${p1.dateJour|date:"-"}. Once an amount is borrowed from the line of credit, it accrues interest. The minimum monthly payment is limited to the monthly interest and life insurance premiums (as applicable).

Examples of credit fees calculated over a 30-day period at the applicable rate:


Average balance

Integrated line of credit



Prime rate + 7.00% (9.45%)




5. No fixed fees apply if your monthly balance is $5,000. Additional fees are charged for using the Interac® and CIRRUS® ABM networks.

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