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Receive up to $1,000 in cash back when you sign up for loan insurance on your new National Bank mortgage.*

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Sign up for life, disability and critical illness insurance on your mortgage loan. 

Receive up to $1,000 in cash back when you sign up for loan insurance on your new National Bank mortgage.*

Maximum insured amount


In the event of death

Maximum insured amount

$3,000 per month

In the event of disability

Maximum insured amount


In the event of critical illness


Insure your mortgage at 1‑844‑320‑5857.

Mortgage loan insurance includes:


Coverage and assistance available


If you're unable to work due to an accident or illness, disability insurance will cover your insured payments so you can focus on getting better.

Critical illness

Recovery from a critical illness can be a long and costly process. With our critical illness insurance, you're covered against cancer, stroke or heart attack—so your payments are taken care of and you can concentrate on getting better.

Little details that matter

Eligibility requirements




Place of residence

Status and enrolment



18 to 64 years old

Within Canada and the U.S.

Be a borrower, co-borrower, guarantor or endorser





Have signed up for life insurance

    • Have worked a minimum of 60 hours during the 4 weeks preceding the insurance application

    • Self-employed worker: Have earned at least $10,000 in income during the fiscal year preceding the date the insurance application was signed

Critical illness and accidentaldismemberment             


Have signed up for life insurance


* You are not eligible for disability insurance if you receive income replacement benefits, are on a leave of absence or are unemployed.

Submitting an insurance claim

Consult the claims pages for information on how to file a claim.

AMF fact sheet, summaries, insurance certificates and pamphlet on assistance services

The terms and conditions of our loan insurance are set out in the summary and the insurance certificate. To learn more about your rights before subscribing to a mortgage insurance, read the AMF fact sheet


To find out what mortgage insurance can do for you and assess if you are at risk, see the flyer.

Legal disclaimers

TM All-In-One is a trademark of National Bank of Canada.

1. Subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance agreement, particularly with respect to the coverage period and maximum coverage amounts. Details are available in the FAQ and Summary.

Tax on premiums:

  • Quebec: 9%
  • Ontario: 8%
  • Manitoba: 7%

Terms and conditions and eligibility for the offer*

The promotional offer is valid from March 1, 2021 to October 31, 2021 (the "promotional period").

This offer is intended for individual National Bank clients who take out a mortgage of $100,000 or more and sign up for 3 or more types of loan insurance (life, disability and critical illness) during the promotional period. The cashback amount varies based on the number of types of coverage taken out by the borrower and co-borrowers, if any, and the amount of the loan covered by life insurance. The client must sign up for mortgage insurance when the loan is granted or by the time the loan is disbursed. The mortgage insurance application must be signed during the promotional period.

This offer can be applied to a new purchase, external refinancing or mortgage transfer. The financing must be for a residential dwelling with 1 to 6 units. Mortgage renewals, internal refinancings and mortgage renegotiations are excluded from this offer.

The cashback amount may be up to $1,000.

Amount covered by life insurance

Between $100,000 and $399,999.99

No. of types of loan insurance coverage Total cashback
3 types of coverage $200
4 types of coverage $400
5 or more types of coverage $600

Amount covered by life insurance

$400,000 or more

No. of types of loan insurance coverage Total cashback
3 types of coverage $400
4 types of coverage $800
5 or more types of coverage $1,000

If all conditions are met:

  • The first half of the cashback will be paid out during the month after the loan is disbursed
  • The remaining half of the cashback will be paid out 6 months after the loan is disbursed

The cashback will be paid via two (2) deposits to the bank account mortgage payments are collected from, no more than 30 days after terms and conditions are met. No insurance claims must have been accepted for the loan within the first 6 months after disbursement, for all parties insured. To qualify for the full cashback, the client must keep all types of coverage they took out at the time of disbursement, without changing the coverage amount, for 6 months following loan disbursement and must be up to date on their mortgage payments. Employees of National Bank and its subsidiaries and entities are eligible for this offer.

The offer may be modified, extended or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. The offer may not be combined with any other National Bank offer, promotion or benefit and is not retroactive. There is a limit of one cashback per eligible mortgage for the entire promotional period, regardless of the number of co-borrowers. A client may not take advantage of this offer more than once.

Promotion mortgage loans

You could receive up to $3,000 cashback 

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