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National Bank’s new ABMs are here to make your life easier. Say goodbye to envelopes, deposit slips and depositing items one by one. Our ABMs are easier to use than ever and better for the environment too.

4 reasons to use them

  • Everyday banking at your fingertips, thanks to touch screens
  • $100 quick cash withdrawal from your chequing account right from the main menu
  • Envelope-free deposits and bill payments
  • Use all our ABM features in six languages (French, English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Punjabi, and Arabic).
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Quick tip

Make transactions at no additional cost anywhere in Canada with the nearly 2,500 ABMs in THE EXCHANGE® network. Abroad, you can still make withdrawals using our partner networks Accel®, CIRRUS® and Allpoint.

How do envelope-free deposits work?

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Insert your deposit

Insert the cash and cheques you want to deposit into the slot.

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Let the ABM do the math

The ABM will automatically count your cash and the sum of the cheques you’ve deposited.

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Confirm your deposit

Confirm the deposit total or modify it if necessary, then finish the transaction. You can access the cash you’ve deposited immediately.

How do I make bill payments?

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Select a payee

Select a payee from the list. You’ll see the payees saved in your online bank and National Bank app profile as well as payees you’ve added at the ABM. Then choose the bill you want to pay.

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Confirm the payment

Confirm the payee’s name and the amount to be paid, or make changes if necessary.

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Complete the transaction

The details of the transaction (the bill paid, the account debited and the total) are shown on screen and on your statement.

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We’re introducing new and improved digital features tailored to your lifestyle.

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Little details that matter

It is no longer possible to pay certain remittances at an ABM. You can pay them by mail or at a branch.

However, you can still make the following payments by ABM:

  • Income tax for the current year
  • Income tax amounts owing
  • Income tax instalments
  • Notice of assessment
  • Family and child support payments

Envelopes are no longer required for deposits and bill payments

Our new ABMs are equipped with a scanner that can read cheques and bank notes. You can insert up to 50 items at a time directly into the ABM, so envelopes are no longer needed. It’s easier and better for the environment too!

The new ABMs do not include passbook printers!​

We have removed the passbook printers because you can now get detailed, real-time information about your transactions anytime, anywhere, using the mobile app and your online bank.

Depositing U.S. dollars

U.S. dollar deposits must be made at the counter at a branch.

Hold funds policy

Because the ABM can identify the items you’re depositing, there will be no hold on funds when you deposit cash. If you deposit a cheque, a hold funds may still be placed on an amount depending on your withdrawal rating.

The touch screen includes a mirror, so that you can see what’s going on behind you while you use the ABM. In addition, the screen is covered with a plastic privacy film that makes it difficult for people nearby to see the information displayed. You will be able to carry out your transactions securely and with peace of mind.

® THE EXCHANGE and Accel are registered trademarks of Fiserv Inc.

® CIRRUS is a registered trademark of CIRRUS SYSTEM Inc.

* Usage or conversion fees may apply.

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