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Due to the current situation, the response time may be longer than usual.
Thank you for your patience.

The Bank supports a wide range of initiatives through donations, sponsorships and the volunteer work of its employees and executives.

Corporate donations and sponsorships

We continue to support deserving projects that target tennis, arts and cultureentrepreneurship, the environment as well as diversity.

As a general rule, National Bank is proactive in seeking out the causes it wants to support. Consequently, our donations and sponsorships budget is often fully allocated from year to year.

Before you begin, please read our corporate donations policy and sponsorships policy, to ensure that your application is eligible for financial support and is consistent with our selection criteria. Note that eligibility does not guarantee financing. Each application is subjected to a rigorous evaluation process and financial support is awarded based on the available budget envelope and the Bank’s objectives.

Apply for financial support

Once your online application has been received, an e-mail receipt will be sent. You should receive a response within three months. It may be longer if we receive a large number of requests or if your application is incomplete and we need to contact you for more information.

Please select the donation request questionnaire if you are requesting support for:

  • An annual fundraising campaign
  • A major fundraising campaign
  • A fundraising

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Please select the sponsorship request questionnaire if you are requesting support for:

  • An event (convention, symposium, festival, fair, etc.)
  • A benefit event
  • Media (television, radio, press, film production, etc.)
  • A group (team, association, league, etc.)
  • A sports tournament

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