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Investment Account for Businesses

A convenient investment solution that lets you put your surplus cash to work while keeping it accessible at all times.

Open an account

1-888-394-4494 (toll-free)
Open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Enjoy some of the best interest rates on the market


The interest, to which a rate bonus3 is added, is calculated daily on the closing balance. This interest will be paid to the account monthly on the last day of the month.

Put your surplus cash to work

Do you want to earn interest on your surplus cash while still being able to respond quickly to business opportunities or financial obligations? Our Business Investment Account (BIA) lets you access your funds whenever you want.


  • The BIA is a transfer account available in Canadian dollars. 
  • Only transfers can be carried out using this account, so a business current account at National Bank is also required. 
  • You can transfer funds via our Internet Banking Solutions, our automated telephone service or at the branch where you opened your account.
  • There are no fees for credit transfers (deposits) made to your account.
  • Three free debit transfers (withdrawals) are allowed per month. A fee is charged for each additional debit transfer.

Protect your business against overdrafts

The BIA offers free overdraft protection4.




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Legal Notes

1 Annual interest rate calculated daily.

2 Rate bonus calculated on the minimum monthly balance. Rates subject to change without notice.

3 The rate bonus depends on the account's minimum balance for the month. The bonus is calculated using the number of days in the month and the balance tiers and rates presented in the above table. The more funds you have, the higher your return, since the interest and the rate bonus are tied to your account balance. What’s more, your funds remain accessible at all times.

4 Overdraft protection does not cover overdrafts caused by electronic funds transfers (EFTs). There must be sufficient funds in the account for a company to complete EFTs.